Product Introduction

                                                      The integrated monitoring and management platform is an environmental monitoring center software product that is developed by Sunwe. It is a comprehensive software platform for networked computer room management business. Through the software, multiple EMS monitoring hosts and other business systems can be integrated under the same monitoring center. The monitoring center implements centralized collection of every monitoring site's over-standard/abnormal/malfunction alarm events, real-time environmental data collecting and the monitored device status information, by that the remotely monitoring and management of various environmental monitoring devices in all computer rooms is realized.

                                                      Product Advantage

                                                      It is concise but not simple. It is easy to learn

                                                      4 main functions: Home Page/Video/Data/Settings

                                                      Clear information presentation. Humanized information integration. Diversified data processing portals.

                                                      System Structure Picture

                                                      Application Scenario

                                                      Value For Customers

                                                      Operation Management - System supports multi-user cross management.

                                                      * Powerful interactive privilege allocation function: administrators with different privilege can manage devices of different types and different regions at the same time.The multi-user cross-management is steadily carried out.

                                                      * Full record of operation and debug log. The system operation is traceable.

                                                      Event alarm - Quick location of alarm events. Timely handling.

                                                      * Diversified alarm methods: multiple alarm modes such as pop-up window, voice, SMS, email, telephone, WeChat, etc.

                                                      * Event processing: assist the administrator in handling alarms, malfunctions and other computer room events by historical data, historical alarms and related data.

                                                      * Alarm tracking: For every alarm event, the system helps the user to quickly get the location.It briefly record the alarm letter and the handling way.

                                                      Graphical report - Timely control of the computer room’s detail.

                                                      * Multi-dimensional data analysis: customized graphical reports, regularly week reports, comprehensively analyzing data and visual data for computer room management.

                                                      * Refined energy consumption analysis: numerical energy management, PUE curve, energy consumption curve, power record and comprehensive analysis of operating energy consumption of the machine room.

                                                      Assessing the condition of the computer room: comprehensively analyze the factors that threaten the operational safety of the computer room, score each computer room and assess the operating status of the computer room as a whole.

                                                      Comprehensive monitoring - the engine room guards that make you rest assured.

                                                      * Support Hakvision and Dahua video integrated access unified monitoring.

                                                      * Support WeChat monitoring, electronic map, running calendar and other functions. Unified management of the system from multiple angles. Data is of high visualization.

                                                      * Support one-button remotely operation of the equipment.




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